Toe Touch Crunch Exercise Benefits

toe touch crunch exercise benefits

The toe touch crunch is a variation of the traditional crunch exercise. This is an effective way to target your love handles, obliques, and core muscles. It involves reaching out with the arm and raising the foot on the opposite side of your body. This exercise engages the obliques and works the abdominal wall at the same time.

The Toe Touch Exercise Is Also Great For The Hip

This exercise is great for improving balance, core strength, and flexibility. It also w your abdominal muscles and can improve your posture. You can make it more difficult by adding weights to your ankles, wrists, or legs. If you feel pain during this exercise, stop immediately. To make sure your abs are working properly, start with good posture and draw your lower abdomen inward.

Start with a single set of ten to fifteen repetitions and then progress to three sets of ten to fifteen reps. The toe touch crunch exercise benefits can also be done with a medicine ball or a weight. It is important to avoid straining your neck by holding both legs up at once. If you feel pressure in your neck, stop the exercise immediately.

The toe touch exercise is also great for the hips, hamstrings, and lower back. It is an excellent way to warm up your entire body. Another variation is the walking toe touch, which targets the hamstrings and hips. This exercise is best done with an empty stomach.

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