Women’s Addiction Treatment Center New Bedford

womens addiction treatment center new bedford


Women’s Addiction Treatment Center New Bedford provides a continuum of care, with inpatient and outpatient treatment options. The program is physician-directed and includes 24-hour medical care, licensed counselors, and case managers. Programs focus on individual and group counseling, 12-step education, and family involvement. Patients are assigned a primary care clinician who meets with them daily.

The Womens Addiction Treatment Center is located on 108 North Front Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The center offers outpatient treatment for women struggling with alcohol or drug addictions. It also has a location in High Point, North Carolina. The center also offers specialized programs for women who are suffering from codependency and substance abuse.

The treatment options available include a mix of treatments to tackle both the alcohol and drug addictions. Many people with addiction also suffer from other disorders, including mental illness and emotional problems. In these cases, dual diagnosis facilities help the individual overcome both. In addition, they also offer aftercare support and residential care to help them continue their recovery.

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